Monday, February 20, 2017

Why Black Hair Has No Real Competition: Show Off Your Shiny Tresses!

Black color hair looks adorable! It looks incredibly good on slightly tanned and olive complexions. Usually, styling black hair is a big time challenge. This is because black hair looks best without much braiding or up-do. The best thing is to go for the right haircut. This will let you create dashing looks with those dense locks.

People with black hair should make sure that the style of the hair doesn’t play down the features of their face. Simple hairstyles work the best for black manes as it can harmoniously enhance your appearance, thereby complementing your temperament and features.

Some hair styles look classy on black haired women. The celebs are a proof for that. They teach us how to embrace our ebony black tresses. From statement black up-dos to lustrous waves, Dutch braids to bangs, celebrities are proving that shiny black hair has no real competition. Raven like hair is so gorgeous that it can make your eyes pop out at its lustre and beauty.

Check out some of the celeb hairstyles for some black hair inspiration. 

Fringes and bangs

Everyone falls flat for Krysten Ritter’s fringes! Cut short, and neatly trimmed, her bangs don’t appear heavy.

Kim Kardashian’s soft Hollywood waves are a true style inspiration for girls with deep black hair. Her lustrous manes look nothing less than amazing.

Straight and sleek
For those yearning for that perfect sleek black hair look, there could be no better example than Nicole Scherzinger’s hair. Her middle parted, sleek black hair confers a graceful look on her face.

Twists and turns
Twist a few hair locks around to form a loose side twist on both sides – a good alternative to tying your hair with elastic. Take some lessons from Vanessa Hudgens!

Top bun knot
A plain bun up-do is a great hairstyle for black hair, just like that of Selena Gomez. This helps especially when your hair might not be in a good condition, or when you are running short of time. Getting this hairstyle is so easy. Take all your hair up and fold them into a bun on the top. Leave bangs from the sides of the ear for a perfect casual look.

Short is Hot
Short hair styles work like anything on black haired women. Demi Lovato’s flippy, short hair is perfect for giving your hair an altogether new look.

By now, you must have realized that shiny black tresses have seriously no competition! Keeping your black hair beautiful and shiny is such a big responsibility. Chemical laden conditioners and shampoos are harmful for your gentle black locks. Switch to Ayurvedic Products, or herbal formula, which replenish and strengthen the hair follicles.

Did you like our list of black hairstyles? Which one is your favorite?


Black hair adds the right amount of drama on olive and tanned skin type skin. In order to make your black hair dazzling, what all you need to do is – get a good hair-cut and hair style. This blog tells you why shiny black hair is the most beautiful hair color in the world. There may be brunette, brown, or even blonde, but black hair has a beauty and charm of its own.

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