Monday, February 20, 2017

Why Black Hair Has No Real Competition: Show Off Your Shiny Tresses!

Black color hair looks adorable! It looks incredibly good on slightly tanned and olive complexions. Usually, styling black hair is a big time challenge. This is because black hair looks best without much braiding or up-do. The best thing is to go for the right haircut. This will let you create dashing looks with those dense locks.

People with black hair should make sure that the style of the hair doesn’t play down the features of their face. Simple hairstyles work the best for black manes as it can harmoniously enhance your appearance, thereby complementing your temperament and features.

Some hair styles look classy on black haired women. The celebs are a proof for that. They teach us how to embrace our ebony black tresses. From statement black up-dos to lustrous waves, Dutch braids to bangs, celebrities are proving that shiny black hair has no real competition. Raven like hair is so gorgeous that it can make your eyes pop out at its lustre and beauty.

Check out some of the celeb hairstyles for some black hair inspiration. 

Fringes and bangs

Everyone falls flat for Krysten Ritter’s fringes! Cut short, and neatly trimmed, her bangs don’t appear heavy.

Kim Kardashian’s soft Hollywood waves are a true style inspiration for girls with deep black hair. Her lustrous manes look nothing less than amazing.

Straight and sleek
For those yearning for that perfect sleek black hair look, there could be no better example than Nicole Scherzinger’s hair. Her middle parted, sleek black hair confers a graceful look on her face.

Twists and turns
Twist a few hair locks around to form a loose side twist on both sides – a good alternative to tying your hair with elastic. Take some lessons from Vanessa Hudgens!

Top bun knot
A plain bun up-do is a great hairstyle for black hair, just like that of Selena Gomez. This helps especially when your hair might not be in a good condition, or when you are running short of time. Getting this hairstyle is so easy. Take all your hair up and fold them into a bun on the top. Leave bangs from the sides of the ear for a perfect casual look.

Short is Hot
Short hair styles work like anything on black haired women. Demi Lovato’s flippy, short hair is perfect for giving your hair an altogether new look.

By now, you must have realized that shiny black tresses have seriously no competition! Keeping your black hair beautiful and shiny is such a big responsibility. Chemical laden conditioners and shampoos are harmful for your gentle black locks. Switch to Ayurvedic Products, or herbal formula, which replenish and strengthen the hair follicles.

Did you like our list of black hairstyles? Which one is your favorite?


Black hair adds the right amount of drama on olive and tanned skin type skin. In order to make your black hair dazzling, what all you need to do is – get a good hair-cut and hair style. This blog tells you why shiny black hair is the most beautiful hair color in the world. There may be brunette, brown, or even blonde, but black hair has a beauty and charm of its own.

4 Reasons to Support Long Hair

We all love trying out new styles on our mane – we crop it, we color it, or we use various machines to style it. But nobody can deny the fact (even those with cropped hair) that every trendy hairdo goes the best with long hair. The following list of reasons will endorse this fact in detail.

Longer Hair Accentuates your Personality

If you have long tresses, then your carefree attitude gets reflected. The long hair also makes one feel younger and bolder, with a never-give-up outlook. Long hair make you easily noticeable wherever you go and they also tell others a lot about your ability to handle difficult things in life.                 


An Added Perk – No High-Maintenance!

As compared to short hair, the long hair does not require monthly trimming and does not need styling by machines every now and then. You can wait for even more than three months before going for its grooming.

Tying Long Tresses is an Easy Affair

Performing chores becomes difficult while we let our hair-locks loose. Especially, if you have short hair, you will find tying up all the locks together almost next to impossible. However, long hair can be tied gracefully and effortlessly in form of a ponytail or a neat bun on your head. This keeps your long hair from coming on your face or forehead.

You can easily Embellish your Hair with Accessories

Do you regret cropping your hair short as it does not permit you to use all those knick-knacks? The hair-care solution is a product that you can make use of for getting your flowing tresses back and also keeping the volume intact. The long hair gives you the benefit of easy accessorizing it with clips, rubber-bands, chopsticks, and barrettes.
There are many other reasons that would be convincing enough for you to take a resolute decision of always keeping your hair long. However, long hair demand more time and effort on your part to manage their beauty as compared to short hair.

The blog puts forth the ways that validate the fact as to why long tresses are considered the best hairstyle of all. There are brands that try to mislead you with their fake promises. While on the other hand, there are shampoos like IHT9 Herbal Shampoo that helps fighting against the initial signs of hair loss. This shampoo also keeps your long hair from getting frizzy while being ruffled by the wind.

Sun for hair – Is it healthy?

Activating stem cells in hair follicles and regulating skin biology, vitamin D is believed to trigger the regrowth process of damaged skin cells, including those in the scalp, and allowing for regeneration of cells that are vital to hair growth. Well it’s not just your skin that needs the sun for health. Rather your hair too can actually benefit from the sunlight, as it reduces the risk of developing excessive hair fall, promotes hair growth and keeps them healthy. Following are some benefits of sunbathing for your hair:

Reduces the risk of developing excessive hair fall

Being beneficial for those who have been suffering from hair related issues, the sunlight according to medical sciences has been proved out to be an effective remedy for hair loss. The epithelial cells are considered essential for hair growth and when exposed to sun they help your hair grow more. But make sure that these cells do not get over exposed to sun for a long time as due to this they can even deplete the levels of vitamin E and C. Though the sun rays play a major role in helping your hair to grow but one must make sure to get only the required amount of exposure and not make it too much. So go easy giving your hair a dose of the sun’s rays.

Aids in hair growth

During warm weather months, the blood flow is much more efficient and reaches the other areas of the body including the scalp more effectively. Allowing your body to produce vitamin D, sunlight not only helps in stimulating the growth of your hair but also prevents your hair from falling. So, the increased nutrients supplied to the scalp further results in slightly faster hair growth.

Helps in fighting stress

Found in hair follicles of healthy hair, Vitamin D is known for reducing stress while keeping you feel good. This in turn helps keep more hair on your head, especially if your hair loss is exacerbated by excessive levels of stress. Vitamin D not only helps in making your hair look exceptionally good but also helps in stimulating the hair growth– keeping them healthy.

Excessive summer heat can take a toll on your hair too along with your overall health. Therefore, making use of these hair oils can further provide intense nourishment to every hair follicle – stimulating hair growth and combating hair fall. Besides receiving the right amount of vitamin D, there are many more hair-care products that can be chosen as a perfect remedy in order to decrease the amount of falling hair by making them healthy.

Regular consumption of Vitamin D will not only help you to activate the dormant follicles to grow into new strands, which are healthy but will also help in regulating the hair cycle. Studies have shown that if you lack this vitamin, it can cause brittle hair, thinner and unhealthy hair growth.

Top 3 Tips to Style Your Wet Hair

It happens a number of time when you are in hurry and have to leave for your college or office in wet hair. You realize that you don’t have enough time to blow dry your hair and thus you are left with no choice but to make a hairstyle in wet hair. Many of you feel scared when it comes to style your wet hair, fearing the hair damage it may cause. Here we are sharing some easy and amazing hair styles that you can try on your wet hair without any such worry:

Wet Knotted Crown

First of all dry your hair using a towel. Just take a small section of your hair on one side of your head and twist it into a knotted pattern. You can even use two pins to cross the knots in a place. Now, follow the same step for another section of your hair. Continue doing this all around your hair and you will see that your wet hair has transformed into a fabulous hair style.

Braid Band

Pick a small volume of hair from one side of your head and braid your hair while holding it appropriately. To hold the braid in a particular place, place an elastic band at the end. Remove it later and pull braid apart for a complete look. Repeat the same process on the other side of your hair. Plait the braid into a pin.

Side Twists

Begin by dividing your hair into three sections. Twist up the third section of your hair, curl it into a bun and use a few pins to hold it tightly. Follow the same step onto the second section of your hair. Further, twist up your hair and pin the final section of your curls. You can create a chevron pattern on the other side of your head using six bobby pins. Lift the top section of hair using the end of a rat tail comb.

Washing hair is essential but when it comes to style wet hair, many of you feel scared. However, now you don’t need to feel the same. Take the above-mentioned hair styles into your consideration and be ready to flaunt your stylish look. For best results, we recommend that you use a chemical-free shampoo and conditioner like the IHT9 shampoo and IHT9 conditioner on your hair.

What do you Like More - Facial Hair or the Hair on Your Head?

Everyone wishes to have longer, thicker and shinier hair. But, what if, hair start to grow on your face instead of the head? It might give you a nightmare! Hair on your cheek, chin and upper lips are known as facial hair and they are definitely different from the hair on your head. Let’s understand how these two types of hair are different from each other!

Understanding the Cause of Facial Hair

Facial hair is common in boys. However, women are also capable of developing facial hair, especially post menopause. Facial hair grows due to hormonal imbalance in the body, irregular menstrual cycle, allergies and hormonal changes during pregnancy. Usually, women have less facial hair except for vellus hair – hair that covers most of the parts of a female body. However, sometimes a woman starts to develop more facial hair. This condition is known as hirsutism – excessive body hair growth due to hormonal differences in the body.

How does Hair grow on Your Head?

While facial hair develops mainly due to the hormonal problems, the growth of hair on our head is a natural phenomenon. It starts developing from a root made of cells of proteins. This root is found in the bottom of the follicle. Further, blood from the blood vessels in the scalp nourishes the root, generating more cells that cause more hair to grow.
Additionally, the oil gland adds oil to your hair, making it soft and shiny. However, if these oil glands become overactive, they can actually make your hair too oily and sticky. In such a situation, you should wash them with a good shampoo like IHT9 shampoo.

Reducing the Excessive Growth of Facial Hair

As we have already discussed that the excessive growth of facial hair includes hormonal imbalances in the body. If you want to get rid of your facial hair temporarily or permanently, then there are certain methods that you can follow such as shaving, waxing and laser treatment. These methods are usually painful, time-consuming and expensive. It is better that you use natural hair removal creams, peel off masks, and facial scrubs such as Papaya & Walnut Face & Body Scrub to reduce the growth of unnecessary facial hair, easily, economically, and without any side effects!

Facial hair is a completely different phenomenon as compared to the hair that grows on your head. Facial hair is usually the result of hormonal imbalance in the body. While you would love to have bouncy, long hair on your head, we are sure that like most women you too hate facial hair. 

Say Goodbye to Split Ends Naturally

Say Goodbye to Split Ends Naturally

Split ends are one of the most common hair problems that girls and women of every age have to face as their hair grow longer. As our hair age they start losing their ability to hold moisture and elasticity and this leads to stiff hair, which easily break into split ends. Chopping the hair off is a good solution but not every woman would want to chop off her priceless hair. There are numerous products available for sale in the market today, which help you get rid of split ends. However, most of them are full of toxic chemicals and make your hair dull and lifeless if you use them for a long time. Here are some natural remedies to get rid of those nasty split ends. 

     1.     Avocado

Avocados are one of the best natural ingredients, which are mainly used in skin and haircare products. Avocado is full of nutrients that are good for your hair. They are rich in proteins, vitamins and healthy fats needed to make your hair look gorgeous. For application make smooth paste of olive oil and avocado, apply it and leave it for few hours. Wash with normal water.

     2.   Olive Oil

Olive oil has been used since ages for food, skin and haircare. It has uncountable properties and it works as a natural conditioner as it hydrates your hair and hair follicles and moisturizes your scalp. It also increases the elasticity of your hair and makes them strong while lowering the rate of hair fall. Heat olive oil and gently massage it into your scalp and hair. Leave it overnight. Rinse it off with shampoo and use a conditioner.

     3.   Mayonnaise

Why buy those expensive hair serums and products when you can get healthy hair with just using everyone’s favorite mayo? Mayonnaise is combination of natural oils, proteins, and some peculiar ingredients that revitalize and hydrate your hair. Presence of eggs in mayonnaise increases the volume and strengthens the hair roots. Apply an adequate amount of mayonnaise on your hair and scalp, leave it for 2-3 hours and rinse off with shampoo. Don’t forget to use a conditioner.

Getting rid of split ends at the cost of chopping down hair may not be the best choice for every woman. Get split end-free and healthy hair by just following these simple tricks mentioned in this blog.

How to deal with a bad haircut?

We love to try every latest trend, starting from that glamorous dress that your favorite celebrity wore at the red carpet event, the haircut in which she looked so hot, to the long boots she wore. We humans have a desire to try out everything, which is new and sometimes these stylish looks that are carried nicely by celebrities take a wrong turn on us. Most of us have at least once in our life got a BAD HAIRCUT, because we opted for it impulsively. We dress according to our body shape and size and the same goes while choosing our haircut. But no one can go back and regrow the cut hair at once. However, you can figure out some tricks like these to deal with your bad haircut.

      1.      Wearing some hats never killed anyone
Just in case your haircut went too drastic and you’re too embarrassed to go out and flaunt them then relax a truck won’t probably hit you for that. What about some nice hats? Whether its summer or winter, hats are always in trend. Try wearing floppy and baseball hats during summer and knitted caps during winter.
      2.     Fake bun and hair extensions 
Do you think that all celebrities have so thick and shiny hair? They go for fake hair extensions and so can you. Buy some fake hair extensions according to the length of your hair and color, or you can buy a fake bun and place it on the top of your head and cover it with your real hair.
    3.  Headbands and Bobby pins 
Try wearing some big hairbands to take others attention away from your bad haircut. There are thousands of headbands available in the market, which you can get for yourself. You can also try styling your hair with some bobby pins for a clean look.

A bad haircut is nothing short of a nightmare. This blog talks about the ways in which you can deal with a wrong haircut. However, we suggest that before going for these tricks, you shampoo and condition your hair at least once. The reason being that we may not realize the actual look of our new hairstyle until we wash our hair with shampoo. So you should wash and condition your hair first, and then try to style them the way you want. And, who knows you may start liking your new hair cut!