Monday, August 29, 2016

Not Just IHT9, Herbal Medicine is a Global Phenomenon – Here is a Reality Check!

People have practiced herbal medicine / natural medicine since time immemorial. Prior to the invention of modern allopathic medicine, doctors and therapists relied extensively on herbal remedies to cure illness and treat injuries. From common flu to life threatening diseases, all were treated with the formulation based on herbs and other plant based byproducts. The wide acceptance of modern medicine in the west had diminished the importance of herbal/natural medicine in the modern society. But looking at the side effects of allopathy, people are slowly turning back to nature, in some parts of the world like India, trusting in the power of Ayurveda.

Why natural medicine is good for you? Decoding the facts…

Homeopathic or herbal formulations are used by people these days in situations where they cannot afford expensive modern drugs. It is a painful fact that natural medicines are often looked down upon as inferior to their allopathic counterparts. But, with growing realization towards the long-term benefits of ayurvedic healthcare, people are becoming more enthusiastic towards natural medicine.


According to the World Health Organization, traditional medicine (or herbal/homeopathic) refers to the therapeutic practices that have been prevalent in the world since centuries. Herbal drugs make use of medicinal plant preparations for therapeutic use. Herbal medicines are probably the earliest branch of medicine and was practiced initially in the Indian subcontinent. Classical texts like Atharava Veda, Rig Veda, Sushrutha Samhita and Charak Samhita bear evidence to this fact.

There are multiple reasons why you should consider switching to natural/herbal medicine. Take a look at the rationale behind the herbal approach:

  • Pharmaceutical drugs many a times cause serious reactions in patients who consume them. For instance, use of certain drugs have known to cause allergic skin reactions, hair loss and headaches. Herbal medicines have no such side effects. They are safe to use and rely upon.
  • Herbal medicines are generally blamed for slow healing. However, the reason behind the slower action is that herbal formulations make use of the body’s innate healing cycle to function. Since, there aren’t any chemical components in them to fasten up the process, it takes some time to show the results.
  • The major downside to allopathy is its cost. We all know how a trip to the hospital for a minor headache can land us up in major trouble, burning a hole in our pocket. Herbal medicines, on the other hand are very cost effective. 

Herbal Revolution

In the recent years, especially in India there has been a growing interest in the field of Ayurveda or herbal medicine. People are getting aware about the adverse effects of pharmaceutical drugs, which is prompting them to go for natural therapeutic procedures in Ayurveda. IHT 9 is the series of pure herbal products used in hair loss therapy. The company based out of Delhi has taken the herbal revolution to the next level by showcasing its superior plant based products internationally. This has shown proven results for dealing with problem of hair fall as well as promoting hair regrowth.



Herbal medicine is a safer alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. They take time to act, but do not cause any ill effects on the human body.  Several companies like IHT 9 have taken the natural approach to hair-care and are extensively promoting naturopathy. 


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