Friday, October 21, 2016

Oil your Hair the Right Way

It is often said that oiling your hair is a must to keep them in good health. But, most of us do not know that simply pouring any oil on your head is not enough. For the best results, the hair oil should be applied in a systematic manner. Moreover, the choice of oil would largely depend on the type of hair you have. So, let us begin our discussion with different types of hair.

Different types of hair and best oil for them

·         Oily Hair – Over production of sebum by the sebaceous glands makes the hair look greasy in some people. Application of olive, sesame, and jojoba oils helps in reducing the greasiness.
·      Dry Hair - Dry hair need those oils, which can take care of the dull hair and dry scalp as well. Use of almond, jojoba, coconut, sesame, mustard, and cocoa butter oils has been found to be effective for these. For hair that are ridden with dandruff, essential oils such as tea-tree oil are very useful.
·         Normal Hair – They are known to hold their shine without doing much. Therefore, jojoba, almond, and Amla oils are best for this hair type.

Tips for Properly Oiling You Hair 

Benefits of oiling can be reaped to the maximum by following some simple things:
1. Lukewarm oil works better for hair than that kept at room temperature. 
2. Do not apply the oil over your hair only. Use your fingers to gently massage the hair oil to the scalp too.
3. Do not use too much or too less oil. If you apply more than the required quantity, you will have to spend more time shampooing your hair. On the other hand, a lesser quantity of oil would keep your hair deprived of the required nutrition. 
4. Your hair needs gentle care along with a little time from your ever-busy schedule. Rubbing the hair harshly and quickly while oiling, is likely to do more damage than benefit to your hair.

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