Thursday, October 27, 2016

Treat Hair Fall Naturally with Ayurveda

Is constant hair fall driving you crazy? In a bid to get this problem quickly addressed, we often go on trying whatever comes our way. This leads to more damage to the hair than the expected benefits. The safest way out here is to resort to Ayurveda. From centuries, Ayurvedic remedies have brought satisfying, safe, and permanent results to people suffering from hair fall all over the world. This alternate healing system believes in addressing a problem by getting to the root cause of any medical problem and not just treating its symptoms.

Understanding the basis of hair fall
Before starting the treatment for hair fall, it is important to know that what is causing it. Ayurveda believes that hair fall might be caused not just by medical conditions or physical health of a person, but by his mental or emotional conditions too. The body structure and diet are some other critical factors to be considered here. Ayurveda associates hair fall problem majorly to the increased Pitta dosha in one’s body. Naturally, it aims to bring down the level of Pitta so that hair fall can be controlled. The treatment generally includes control over diet, Yoga, and application of Ayurvedic medicines and oils.

Diet control
To reduce the amount of accumulated Pitta in the body, Ayurveda targets to either completely stop or control the intake of those foods, which cause Pitta dosha. The list includes tea, coffee, non-vegetarian food, alcohol, tobacco, smoking, fried, spicy, and acidic foods, and more.

Yoga and meditation
Yoga brings down the stress levels of body and mind, and naturally helps in curtailing hair loss. There are some asanas or positions, which specifically aim towards increasing the blood flow towards head in order to improve general hair health.

Ayurvedic medicines and oils
When taken as advised, Ayurvedic medicines bring long-lasting and safe results in controlling the hair fall. Ayurveda based oils comprise the herbs such as Bhringaraaja, Amla, Ritha, etc., which are known to be highly effective in improving the quality of hair.

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