Monday, October 31, 2016

Win the Battle Against Hair Fall by Avoiding the Use of Chemicals in Daily Life!

Any chemical based hair product may harm the growth of your hair. Always try using herbal products that contain natural follicle stimulators, hair nutrients, scalp cleansers and conditioner to repair your damage hair.

Hair fall is a matter of great concern for everyone. Who doesn't wish to have a long and thick hair? Long hair advances the personality and brings confidence in oneself. If you have long hair, you can go for any hairstyle like the hunny bun,  twisted pony, the knot pony, tuck and cover, fancy ponytail, slicked-back ponytail or the super long ponytail. However, losing hair may bring nightmares in your life. Do you feel jealous by looking any of your friend who has longer and thicker hair?

Now, there is no need to worry about losing your hair, because we are going to tell you some secrets through which you can actually win the battle against hair fall.
  1. Say No to Perms- Perming means chemical straightening or curling of hairs. The process of perming may damage your hair as it works peculiarly by breaking the inner bonds of your hair and then repairing them in a unique way to straighten or curl it. The entire process of perming makes your hair dull and dry. Over the period of time, it can also contribute to hair loss.
  2. The Frequent Use of Dyes- The regular use of dyes may worsen the condition of your hair. Hair dyes contain chemicals that increase the risk of hair fall. The effect of dye is not only limited to your hair. There are other side effects also that you must know. These include-

  • Asthma- Studies reveal that people receptive to lung inflammation are more likely to develop asthma if regularly using commercial hair dye. Persulfates and ammonia are common contributors to asthma that can lead to a persistent cough, throat discomfort, wheezing, lung inflammation, and full-blown asthma attacks.
  • Breast Cancer- The chemical P-phenylenediamine present in the hair dye may lead to the development of breast cancer. According to a study, women who continuously work in the salon for more than 5 years are more likely to develop breast cancer.
  • Allergy- Hair dye may cause you severe allergies like skin blistering, burning, and rash. The chemical P-phenylenediamine present in the hair dye causes many health-related issues. Hence, it's better to avoid such hair dye products that contain heavy chemicals.
3. Avoid Bleaching Your Hair- Bleach removes the natural pigment of your hair by chemically penetrating the cuticles. Bleach damages your hair and makes it rough.

4. The Adverse Effect of Using Hair Dryers- Do you know that heat weakens hair proteins? Regular use of heating and drying may cause brittleness and fragility to your hair. That’s the reason your mother prohibit you to blow dry your hair. It often weakens the root of hair that causes serious damage and hair fall. Hot curlers, hot brushes, and hair straighteners also affect your hair in the same way. You should use these appliances very carefully as they can also burn your scalps and permanently damage hair follicles.

5.Always Use Mild Shampoo- Always try to clean your hair with the mild shampoo. You should avoid using those shampoos that have ingredients like sulfate, parabens or sulfonate. Mild shampoo keeps your hair scalp healthy. Try to use protein-enriched shampoos for longer and thicker hair.

We hope that now you must have understood the side-effects of using chemical based hair products. These chemical based products may style your hair for a shorter period of time. However, in long run, they only damage your hair.

Herbal shampoos are a healthy option if you want longer and thicker hair. These are mild shampoos that contain ingredients like Indian Gooseberry, Avocado, Fenugreek Seeds and Henna. You can also use IHT09 shampoo that contains an effective formula to enhance the growth of your hair.

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