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Working round the clock and lack of a balanced diet have made more & more people susceptible to skin ailments including dark circles which make a person look tired, dull and aged. The main causes of dark circles are lack of sleep, stress, too much indulgence in watching TV or videos on mobile screens, long hours of working on laptops and computers as well as consumption of alcohol.

In Ayurveda, puffiness and dark circles under your eyes appear because of the lack of Vata and Pitta, which are the fire and air elements in the human body. Dark circles overshadow your beauty, making you appear exhausted. In order to reduce dark circles naturally, you need to get rid of excess heat from the body and rehydrate your delicate under eye skin. Here are some natural products that you can try to get rid of those scary dark circles permanently:


Rose plays a vital role in Ayurveda because of its uncountable benefits. Rose water is rich in anti-oxidants which restore and strengthen under eye skin cells. It is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, detoxifies, tightens and brightens the skin. Rose water is pH balanced and a natural astringent with Vitamin A and C which helps in invigorating the immune system, opening blocked pores and clearing the dead cells. You can use Ayurvedic Under Eye Creams enriched with rose extracts as these are designed specifically for your gentle under eye skin area with goodness of Ayurvedic herbs and essential oils. You can use fresh or Ayurvedic rose water by simply dabbing a ball of cotton filled with rose water on your eyes, leave it for 15-20 mins and then wash it.   


Turmeric (Haldi) is an herb known for its health and beauty benefits in Ayurveda. It has been used in Asia for thousands of years and is a major part of Siddha medicine. Turmeric is also considered Holy, playing a vital role in Hindu spiritualism. Turmeric is anti-bacterial, anti-aging, lightens and brightens the skin owing to its one miraculous component Curcumin which is a natural antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties. You can make an anti-dark circle paste using:
l  One teaspoon turmeric powder in 3 spoons of gram flour
l  Add few drops of lemon, rose water and milk
l  Make a smooth paste and apply it under your eyes
l  Leave for 20 mins, wash it off with cool water


Apart from being beneficial for our health milk is a natural skincare product as well. Milk is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin B6 which helps in initiating the formation of new skin cells. Vitamin D rehabilitates skin’s elasticity. Milk contains lactic acid, biotin, protein and Vitamin B16 which reduces puffiness, moisturizes, nourishes, brightens and lightens dark skin. Magnesium present in milk slows down aging process making your skin look more firm, supple and bright.
l  Dip two cotton balls in milk
l  Place them on both of your eyes
l  Leave for 20 mins and wash it off


Almond is famous for health benefits and its oil is used in many herbal skincare products. Almond oil is rich in Vitamin E, it is an anti-oxidant which reduces skin cell damage and acts as a UV protector against sun rays. Almonds are rich in proteins and Vitamins, help in hydrating and softening skin. Almond oil is anti-inflammatory which results in reduction of puffiness and dark skin, it is a good source of Vitamin K and promotes clotting, reduces discoloration. Massaging with almond oil improves circulation and reduces the presence of the veins under the eye skin. It should be used only at night as almond oil needs time to be absorbed by the skin.
l  Take few drops of almond oil
l  Massage in circular motion under your eyes
l  Leave it overnight, wash it the next morning


Mint is a natural anti-inflammatory cooling agent. It is antiseptic, anti-bacterial and antimicrobial which helps in eliminating harmful toxins that damage under eye skin. As mint is a natural cooling agent, it soothes the skin and flavonoids present in it eliminate the free radicals. It is a natural astringent that compresses blood vessels around eyes reducing visible dark circles. Mint promotes circulation and production of collagen which leads to bright, even and firm skin. Here is how you can make mint paste using mint leaves.
l  Take one cup of fresh mint leaves, add few drops of extra virgin or almond oil
l  Blend it until it turns into a smooth paste
l  Apply paste on clean skin
l  Leave for 15-20 min
l  Wash and gently dry the area, apply a moisturizer

We all encounter dark circles at some point in our life, but if we take care of them in the initial stage then the situation wouldn’t get worse. Most of the cosmetic under eye creams have loads of chemicals present in them, which are harmful for our delicate under eye skin. But with the help of Ayurvedic products and natural ingredients we can get rid of dark circles naturally. So, try out these simple remedies and let us know if they worked for you. 

Along with eliminating the dark circles herbs and nature-based skincare products nourish our skin, eliminate dead skin and promote the growth of new skin. Herbal products are much more affordable and more effective than cosmetic products. So, it is a good idea to give them a try in order to balance our all-hectic and cosmetic products dependent beauty regimen with the goodness of nature. 

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