Tuesday, November 29, 2016

5 Herbs You Can Add to Your Diet to Grow Healthy Hair Naturally

In the fast paced lifestyle of today, almost all of us are too busy to take out time for ourselves. Particularly for women, who handle the responsibilities of home and office, taking out time for skincare or haircare and self-pampering almost seems like a luxury. Remember the last time you got a hair spa or simply put oil in your hair? Everyone wants perfect hair, but sadly we do not have the time to give our hair the attention that they need.

What All is Wreaking Havoc for Our Hair Health? 

Things like coloring, over shampooing, straightening, hair sprays that we use so often, cause damage to your mane up to an extent that it might take months and years to repair them. Most of us don’t use oil or homemade hair masks because they’re very time consuming. But you can add few herbs in your diet to balance the damage as more than 90 percent of our hair growth depends upon our food.

If you follow a healthy diet and include these 5 magical herbs you can grow healthy hair naturally as these herbs will provide nourishment to your roots.

We all are quite familiar with Aloe Vera, as it has numerous health benefits. It is used in medications and beauty products all around the world and its benefits are scientifically proven. Aloe Vera is one of the most common herbs we come across in our daily lives. Enzymes present in Aloe Vera diffuse the dead skin cells and excess sebum which clogs hair follicles. You can drink packaged aloe vera juice available at grocery stores or create your own version of tasty Aloe Vera juice at home as well. 

Popularly known in India as Tulsi, Basil belongs to the family of mints. Tulsi holds an extremely important place in Hindu mythology and Ayurveda owing to its anti-bacterial and anti- inflammatory properties. It has essential oils like citronella, eugenol, terpineol as well as rich quantities of vitamin A and vitamin K. Basil helps in boosting the blood circulation and keeps your scalp cool, minimizing itchiness and dandruff. All these qualities of basil help in reducing hair fall and prompting regrowth of hair. You can add basil in fresh salads, sauces, pasta, vegetable juices and can buy packaged Tulsi Amrit (essence liquid derived from basil plant) available at medical stores.

3. AMLA (Indian Gooseberry) 
Another familiar name, Amla (Indian gooseberry) is one of the quintessential herbs of Ayurveda, used in the country since ancient times. According to Indian mythology, Queens in India used to wash their hair with amla and shikakai, which rendered them their lustrous, long and thick black hair.
It has high level of Vitamin C, Gallic acid, kaempferol, flavonoids and tannis which aid in increasing collagen production and lead to growth of new hair along with keeping hair follicles strong and nourished. Amla even helps in turning your gray hair back to black.


Fenugreek, generally known as methi used is as an herb, spice or vegetable in Indian cuisines. It has multiple health benefits and can help in dealing with problems related to menopause, diabetes, skin, weight loss, digestion and hair fall or regrowth. Fenugreek is rich in iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium , folic acid, vitamin A and vitamin C. It increases estrogen levels, improves circulation and exhilarate hair growth.
l You can eat dishes that include methi
l Soak fenugreek seeds overnight, drink that water in morning
l Make a powder of seeds and eat one spoon daily with lukewarm water

You will find ginger in every Asian kitchen as it is being used since 13th and 14th century across the continent. Indian and Chinese food items are incomplete without ginger as it adds a strong pungent flavor to the dishes. Ginger is rich in anti-oxidant gingerol, vitamin B-6, Vitamin B-5 and is anti–inflammatory in nature. It helps in eliminating free radicals which are dangerous to our hair and can cause hair loss, damage and thinning. Ginger increases blood flow to the hair roots and serves as a natural conditioner. You can add ginger to your favorite food, tea or buy herbal ginger tea.

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It’s high time we should start taking out a little time for ourselves from our hectic schedules. Those who cannot hit the salons or spas for extensive haircare can make slight changes in their diet in order to maintain a healthy mane. These natural remedies will take a little time but if you have patience, you will end up seeing visible and long-lasting results. 

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