Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Ayurveda: The boon to Alopecia (Hair Loss)

In a world driven by aggressive consumerism, where purchase decisions are quick and often uninformed, the niche of haircare products has become somewhat misleading. Chemically formulated haircare products are not serving the purpose they peddle in the form of advertisements. The result is evident in the form of growing prevalence of hair loss problems like Alopecia. Perhaps, it is time to find a better, safer solution in the form of herbal care that Ayurveda offers. In this discussion, we are going to detail how Ayurveda can help you overcome Alopecia without spending big or taking upon undue risks.

How Ayurveda works?
Ayurveda naturally balances the hormones in your body, nourishing your scalp and promoting hair growth. It makes alterations in lifestyle and suggests dietary changes to remove pitta dosha from your body. Ayurvedic treatment aims at establishing harmony between mind, body & soul. Ayurvedic herbs can also bolster hair follicles, averting hair fall and thickening the appearance of your mane. Hence it is the most natural, safe, skin-friendly way to fight hair fall. Listed below are some of the herbs and their advantages for the stronger hair growth.

  •  Bhringaraj: Commonly known as the “King of Herbs”, this herb revitalizes your hair. Just a simple massage of the Bhringaraj oil onto the scalp prevents premature graying of hair. It is both available in powdered form and oil.

  • Amla or the Indian Gooseberry: People agonizing with dandruff can use this as this is a rich conditioner. Rich Vitamin C content in Amla strengths hairs and facilitates hair growth.

  • Neem: It is being used since medieval times because of its medicinal properties. Neem is used to treat various ailments of skin and hair. Regular use of neem on the scalp improves blood circulation and in turn promotes proper hair growth.

  • Soap nuts or Ritha: Regular use of chemicals filled shampoos damages your hair to a great extent. Ritha is being used as a natural shampoo since ages due to its mild nature. It also works a natural conditioner to the hair.

  • Shikakai: Due to low pH and mild content, Shikakai makes hair locks lustrous and long. Shikakai retains natural oils providing long, shiny and strong hair.

  • Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera cleans the system within as it is rich in amino acids and protein making the hair healthy. Aloe Vera with pH of 4.5 closes the hair cuticles which in turn controls the frizz. It deciphers itchy scalp problem and opens blocked pores to usher hair growth.

In addition to the above mentioned herbs ashwagandha, muskroot are some other herbs that provides an effective hair growth without compromising with the quality of hair. A hot oil massage with almond, coconut or brahmi oil renews hair follicles by improving blood circulation. You would experience less hair fall and improved hair quality.

Nature has bestowed upon us a wide variety of herbs in abundant amount. Ayurveda is the most reliable way of tackling hair loss and other issues such as dandruff & premature greying. This traditional practice has numerous power packed secrets that stimulate hair regrowth.

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