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Prolonged exposure of skin to sun's harmful UV rays causes skin problems like sunburn, tanning, and blemishes. Sunlight is enriched with Vitamin D and it is indeed very important for us, but continuous exposure to sun leads to sun burn, skin darkening and dark spots. Most of us go on using sunscreen creams and sprays with spf50, spf100, etc. without even bothering about what are these sprays and creams made of. Cosmetic sunscreens and de tan products consist of some really harsh chemicals, which do more bad than good. Here are some natural ways to De-tan your skin at home:
 1.     Tomatoes
Tomatoes are not only good for your health but they can do wonders to your skin as well. Tomatoes are rich in vitamin A that fades dark spots. They also contain magnesium and Vitamin C, which lighten the skin with radiance and glow. Lycopene in tomatoes protects you from harmful UV rays, while Vitamin B and potassium reduce wrinkles and fine lines and also moisturize and hydrate the skin.
·         Take two tomatoes
·         Blend them into a smooth paste
·         Apply it over your face for 15 minutes
·         Wash with cold water

2.     Lemon Juice and Honey
Honey is a natural bleaching agent and fades out the tanning caused by sun burn.  It acts   as a natural moisturizer and contributes to even skin tone. Honey also reduces acne and blemishes from your face. Lemon lightens your skin naturally and vitamin C present in lemon encourages skin cell growth. It reduces dark spots and acne.  
·         Mix 2 tablespoon of lemon juice with equal amount of honey
·         Apply it on affected areas, let it dry for 15 minutes
·         Wash it with cool water

3.     After Sun De-Tan Gel
After Sun De-Tan Gel is a natural way to get rid of sun tan. It contains natural ingredients like rose water, aloe vera, kiwi fruit, cucumber and green tea extract. All these natural ingredients helps in eliminating the sun tan. After Sun de-tan gel is a non-greasy gel, suitable for all skin types with no side effects. It can be used on every part of your body. This gel provides fast and effective relief from sun burn and leaves you with a hydrated, blemish free light skin. You can use it daily after you get back home.

4.    Yogurt
Yogurt is beneficial for your skin as it has vitamin B1, B2, protein, yeast, zinc and calcium. Zinc reduces acne, calcium initiates cell renewal, and protein results in healthier, brighter and soft supple skin. Yogurt gives a cooling affect to your skin and repairs damaged cells naturally, making your skin look more radiant.
·         Take some yogurt, form a smooth paste
·         Apply and leave for 15 minutes
·         Wash and dry your face

5.     Gram Flour and Turmeric
Gram flour acts as a natural scrub as it eliminates dead skin cells and exfoliates skin. Turmeric, also known as the Holy powder, is being used since ancient period for its medicinal properties. Turmeric is a natural cure for everything and can do wonders to your skin too. It lightens your skin and pigmentation and gives you a healthy glow.
·         Mix 2 tablespoon of gram flour with a pinch of turmeric
·         Add milk and lemon juice to form a paste
·         Apply and let it dry for 15 minutes
·         Wash your face with normal water

Almost 90% percent of cosmetic anti-tan products contain bleaching agents that are extremely harmful for our skin and can cause acne, swelling, skin cancer and skin thinning. You should completely avoid using bleaching products on your skin as they contain mercury, which may not only cause poisoning but can also lead to liver and kidney failure. Opt for the above mentioned natural ways of de-tanning for a glowing healthy skin for life.

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