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Win the Battle Against Hair Fall by Avoiding the Use of Chemicals in Daily Life!

Any chemical based hair product may harm the growth of your hair. Always try using herbal products that contain natural follicle stimulators, hair nutrients, scalp cleansers and conditioner to repair your damage hair.

Hair fall is a matter of great concern for everyone. Who doesn't wish to have a long and thick hair? Long hair advances the personality and brings confidence in oneself. If you have long hair, you can go for any hairstyle like the hunny bun,  twisted pony, the knot pony, tuck and cover, fancy ponytail, slicked-back ponytail or the super long ponytail. However, losing hair may bring nightmares in your life. Do you feel jealous by looking any of your friend who has longer and thicker hair?

Now, there is no need to worry about losing your hair, because we are going to tell you some secrets through which you can actually win the battle against hair fall.
  1. Say No to Perms- Perming means chemical straightening or curling of hairs. The process of perming may damage your hair as it works peculiarly by breaking the inner bonds of your hair and then repairing them in a unique way to straighten or curl it. The entire process of perming makes your hair dull and dry. Over the period of time, it can also contribute to hair loss.
  2. The Frequent Use of Dyes- The regular use of dyes may worsen the condition of your hair. Hair dyes contain chemicals that increase the risk of hair fall. The effect of dye is not only limited to your hair. There are other side effects also that you must know. These include-

  • Asthma- Studies reveal that people receptive to lung inflammation are more likely to develop asthma if regularly using commercial hair dye. Persulfates and ammonia are common contributors to asthma that can lead to a persistent cough, throat discomfort, wheezing, lung inflammation, and full-blown asthma attacks.
  • Breast Cancer- The chemical P-phenylenediamine present in the hair dye may lead to the development of breast cancer. According to a study, women who continuously work in the salon for more than 5 years are more likely to develop breast cancer.
  • Allergy- Hair dye may cause you severe allergies like skin blistering, burning, and rash. The chemical P-phenylenediamine present in the hair dye causes many health-related issues. Hence, it's better to avoid such hair dye products that contain heavy chemicals.
3. Avoid Bleaching Your Hair- Bleach removes the natural pigment of your hair by chemically penetrating the cuticles. Bleach damages your hair and makes it rough.

4. The Adverse Effect of Using Hair Dryers- Do you know that heat weakens hair proteins? Regular use of heating and drying may cause brittleness and fragility to your hair. That’s the reason your mother prohibit you to blow dry your hair. It often weakens the root of hair that causes serious damage and hair fall. Hot curlers, hot brushes, and hair straighteners also affect your hair in the same way. You should use these appliances very carefully as they can also burn your scalps and permanently damage hair follicles.

5.Always Use Mild Shampoo- Always try to clean your hair with the mild shampoo. You should avoid using those shampoos that have ingredients like sulfate, parabens or sulfonate. Mild shampoo keeps your hair scalp healthy. Try to use protein-enriched shampoos for longer and thicker hair.

We hope that now you must have understood the side-effects of using chemical based hair products. These chemical based products may style your hair for a shorter period of time. However, in long run, they only damage your hair.

Herbal shampoos are a healthy option if you want longer and thicker hair. These are mild shampoos that contain ingredients like Indian Gooseberry, Avocado, Fenugreek Seeds and Henna. You can also use IHT09 shampoo that contains an effective formula to enhance the growth of your hair.

Simple Home Remedies to Control Hair Fall: The do's and don’ts list

Hair fall is a serious issue that not only affects the physical charm but also lowers down the confidence of a person. While genes play a vital role, there are other reasons that directly or indirectly cause hair loss. Herbal shampoo and oil massage may help one to gain the long, black, thicker and shinier hair than ever.

Has it ever happened to you that you got to see a bunch of hair lying on your pillow just after you woke up in the morning? What do you do then? Losing almost 80-100 hairs on a daily basis is a common thing but losing more than that is definitely an alarming situation. Excessive hair fall may be the result of numbers of reasons like poor diet, lack of nutrients, hormonal imbalances, genetic problems or sickness.
You can go to the parlor, burn too much cash in the spa or even buy an exclusive range of hair serum. However, hair fall does not stop easily. Generally, some of your silly mistakes and the ignorance towards your hair make it fall mercilessly. Therefore, you can prevent your hair fall by following some of the home remedies and also by avoiding common hair-related mistakes that you are unknowingly committing from years.

So, here is a list of do’s and don’ts to help you control the excessive hair fall.

The list of Do’s:
1.     Get a hair massage with hot oil. Massage helps stimulate blood circulation to the scalp. You can choose coconut, olive, mustard or almond oil for the best results.
2.     Massage your hair and scalp with the coconut milk. It is very helpful in reducing hair fall.
3.     Hair fall increases when you have split ends. So, get a trim regularly to prevent your hair from split ends.
4.     Massage your scalp with aloe vera gel, leave it for a few hours and then rinse it with lukewarm water. Aloe vera gel along with coconut milk and wheat germ oil makes an extraordinary hair conditioner that helps in reducing hair fall.
5.     Make hair pack at home to fight hair fall. Just soothe your hair with the mix of egg yolk and yogurt. It nourishes your hair and makes it silkier than ever.
6.     Eat a balanced diet so that you can get proper nutrients and vitamins in your body. Foods that contain fatty acids and vitamin are proved to be more beneficial for hairs.
7.     Add neem (Azadirachta) and amla (Indian Gooseberry) to your massage oil and feel the difference in your hair fall.

The list of don’ts
1.     Never comb wet hair as wet hairs are more prone to breakage.
2.     Opt for a wide toothed comb
3.     Do not rub your wet hair vigorously.
4.     Try to avoid tying your hair tightly as it puts pressure on the roots, which may damage your hair and also cause more hair to fall.
5.     Excessive use of hot water and dryer on hair may cause it damage and eventually lead to hair fall.
6.     Make sure hair follicles are not clogged as it may also cause hair to fall. For this, always rinse your shampoo well.
7.     Don’t combine hair products of several brands together. Read product instructions carefully before applying on hair.

The aforesaid tips may help you to fight against hair fall. However, you need to understand one main thing seriously. You should avoid using chemical based shampoo instead; use the shampoo that is made with the blend of purity and herbal. 

IHT9 is one such Ayurvedic brand that amazingly strengthens your hair from falling with a blend of 9 essential herbs.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Loss of Hair and Baldness: Reasons, Remedies and Cure

Hair is one of the most important components of our body and it is important that it should be kept in a good condition. This is because your hair is a direct insight to your health and your lifestyle. Also, it adds up to your overall personality. However, more than 40% population worldwide is suffering from the problem of hair fall.

Hair loss is a major concern which can happen to people either due to medical reasons, genetic reasons, unbalanced diet, or due to ageing. Whatever be the reason, the idea of losing your hair is one huge nightmare no one wants to wake up to reality with.

Problem and its Remedy:
The problem of hair fall can be sorted with various medical treatments and herbal solutions which aim to work in this direction and effectively reduce the hair fall and help in the regeneration of new hair. The hair loss therapy that is available to people today help in the stimulation of sleeping dormant hair follicles and help in its regrowth. It helps in keeping the hair manageable, glossy, and voluminous.
There are a huge amount of hair treatments available in the world of cosmetic surgery which assures you with a beautiful crown. However, what makes it a difficult process is that even if it is a quick process, these cosmetic surgeries cost a huge amount and are not feasible to all. In such a situation, herbal treatments and therapies are a best solution. The process might be slow but it comes with guaranteed results and over the time improves the growth of hair and its natural luster.

The Solution and Results:
The fact that there is a huge population which suffers from hair loss but does not try therapies simply because they feel it wouldn’t work is what makes the situation worse when in actuality, it works and it works wonders bringing you to a better version of yourself in terms of boosting your confidence and enhancing your personality.

5 Fruitful Herbs That Help Preventing Hair Loss

Nowadays, majority of people are suffering from the problem of hair loss – a common problem found all over the globe. They take this problem as a daunting task and end up taking unnecessary steps that provide no benefit at all. Though, this problem is directly connected to unhealthy lifestyle, stress and anxiety. Following a healthy lifestyle and natural herbal remedies is the perfect way to get rid of this problem. The natural remedies provide no harm to the hair in any way, and are very fruitful for health as well. Have a look at some of the herbs that you can add in your daily life to prevent hair loss and lead a healthy lifestyle:
  •  Neem (Azadirachta Indica)
Neem is host to anti-bacterial traits and ideal remedy for dandruff-prone, scratchy scalp. It can stimulate the blood circulation of the scalp if applied topically. Its oil is perfect for thinning air and premature graying as well as if the boiled neem water reduces the growth of dandruff and totally prevent from coming back. Massage you scalp with dry neem powder, mixed with water to make a thick paste and see the changes with time. For best results, use the remedies 30 minutes before shampooing. 

 ·         Amla (Indian Gooseberry)
Amla, which is also known as Indian Gooseberry consists of Vitamin C and several other minerals such as Vitamin B complex, calcium, carotene, phosphorus and iron. It is perfect solution for hair growth, hair shine and strengthening the hair roots. Use the Amla in dried form, powdered form or eat it raw. For maximum benefits, infuse the coconut oil with gooseberry and massage into the scalp.

  •         Aloe Vera (Barbadensis Miller)
Aloe Vera comes with anti-inflammatory properties that reduce hair loss and perfect curing solution for Alopecia. It doesn’t only reduce hair loss but also help in growing shining and thick hair. To use Aloe Vera in your air, extract its gel directly from the plant and apply on the scalp. All in all, Aloe Vera is a complete solution for healthy hair.

  •         Bhringraj (Eclipta Alba)
Bhringraj is an ancient Indian herb that is useful for hairs and several other parts of body. It promotes hair growth, healthy hair and healthy scalp. When it comes to premature graying, the Eclipta Alba is the finest solution. It can be used externally to treat athlete foot, eczema and dermatitis as well.
  •         Jatamansi (Nardostachys Grandiflora)
To prevent premature graying and hair loss, infuse Jatamansi with oil. This ancient Indian Ayurvedic herb is ideal to use for health of hair and other body parts. It can be used in the form of oil, root or powder.  The Nardostachys Grandiflora comes as a natural brain tonic and a memory enhancer also. 

These herbs are perfect remedies to fight hair loss. These remedies are being passes from generation to generation, and still considered as the finest way. You can use any specific herb from the given option or as a blend. 

Caring for the Receding Hairline

The thing about hair is that it is one of the most important external components in your body that majorly contributes in determining your overall health and lifestyle. Premature falling of hair and balding is a most common phenomenon that is a problem of most people in the world. Men and women both suffer from receding hairline equally and the clinical and cosmetic solutions to such problems are quite expensive to get to tackle this condition.

Let us see some of the reasons for balding and hair loss
·         The hectic lifestyle of people nowadays leads to premature greying and balding of hair
·         The hair styling tools and harsh chemical content of hair styling products are another major reason that causes balding and hair loss
·         Depending upon the climatic conditions of the place that you live in, it hugely affects the health of your hair
·         Another reason why your hair line might be receding is because of the history of your family and genetic reasons
·         The regular diet intake is another vital reason that directly affects your hair and its health
·         Hormonal changes are one of the major reasons why your hairline is affected drastically

Remedies and Preventive Measures for Receding Hairline and Baldness:
·         Natural products are one of the best ways to get rid of a receding hairline and tackle the solution proactively
·         A good hair mask and regular oiling keeps your hair voluminous and make it look lesser flat or scanty
·         For a long-tern solution to actually regenerate the hairline, the best way is to try therapies that aim to work proactively on these issues
·         Stay away from pollution and eat a vitamin and mineral rich diet and keep away from fast food
·         Stay away from chemical rich hair products and opt for herbal and ayurvedic remedies
·         Destress yourself on a regular basis and rest well. Get ample sleep

We understand that your hair is precious and caring for it requires time which is usually not easy with a hectic lifestyle. However, by getting into the habit of keeping the above mentioned points in mind, you can help yourself in managing this problem easily. 

Fight hair loss with natural & herbal Intensive Hair Therapy

Hair loss is a severe problem for many people nowadays. It mostly happens because of stress, anxiety and unhealthy lifestyle. People often spend hefty amount of money to get rid of this problem. But, instead of spending a large amount of money you can reduce hair loss with simple and easy to follow natural & herbal remedies. To fight hair loss naturally, R.I. Ayurveda Research Labs has introduced a new and improved IHT9 Intensive Hair Therapy Kit. This kit is host to revolutionary hair loss prevention formula. Know more about it in detail from below.

IHT 9 Intensive Hair Therapy Kit
·      This kit comes with polyherbal ayurvedic formula for hair growth and is thoughtfully developed by experienced Ayurvedacharyas. It is recommended by dermatologists and is reviewed by them for scientific management and prevention of hair loss. The technology used in this kit is an ideal blend of the modern technology and Ayurveda.
·     Use this kit regularly for a disease free and healthier scalp as well as improve hair density with this kit. It doesn’t affect your hormonal balance or imbalance of your body. The products being rendered in this kit comes WITHOUT SLES and paraben.
·   Stop hair loss with this natural approach and stay away from the risk of side effects completely. Generally, baldness happens due to weakening of hair follicles, and this kit thoughtfully nourishes balding scalp and stimulate weak hair follicles for best results.
·      This kit consists of 9 useful herbs that block DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), reduces local DHT and hair fall, and stimulates hair follicles. These herbs result in growing lost hair, and reduce scratchy scalp and dandruff. The side effect and infections are not a matter of concern in this as it is totally a natural solution.

So, grow healthy hair and keep your hair in good shape with this Intensive Hair Therapy Kit. It is a highly recommended product for disease free scalp and healthy hair. The perfect blend of Ayurveda and modern production technology used in it, make it ideal to use. 

4 Useful Tips for Long, Healthy Hair

Long, shiny, and properly organized hair are admired by all, whether they are sported by a man or a woman. Although each one of us would like to have knee length locks, but it should be kept in mind there is no short cut to natural, mermaid-worthy length hair. Long hair cannot be grown overnight and one has to put in a lot of time, effort, and care to get healthy, longer hair. Here, we are sharing some important points that will help you to lengthen your hair and take good care of them:

1.  Watch your diet
You are what you eat and the same goes for your hair too. Just like your body needs nourishment of proteins, vitamins, and minerals, the hair also require it to grow fast and thick. A balanced diet is always a good choice. One should avoid excessive intake of coffee, tea, spicy and oily food. Consuming hair building nutrients in form of the tablets and hair-boosting supplements can also be helpful.

2. Regular trimming of hair
Use of scissor at split hair ends at periodic intervals, protects the hair from breaking off high up on the strand. This will keep your healthy and easily manageable, thereby, helping them grow faster.

3. Don’t forget to use hair conditioner after shampoo
Every shampooing session must be followed by the application of a good hair conditioner, if you are really serious about getting or maintaining long hair. Shampoo can wash away the essential natural oils from scalp. Conditioner helps in replenishing the lipids and proteins inside the hair shaft and promote their growth.

4. Use natural products based hair oils and colors
Hair care products made from cheap and harmful chemicals hinder the growth of hair, causing premature hair fall, greying, and breakage. To avoid this, you should always opt for organic/natural products based hair oils and colors from a trusted source.

IHT9 is one such quality brand that deals in pure and natural hair care products. The range includes herbal shampoos, oils, conditioners, and other accessories.

Treat Hair Fall Naturally with Ayurveda

Is constant hair fall driving you crazy? In a bid to get this problem quickly addressed, we often go on trying whatever comes our way. This leads to more damage to the hair than the expected benefits. The safest way out here is to resort to Ayurveda. From centuries, Ayurvedic remedies have brought satisfying, safe, and permanent results to people suffering from hair fall all over the world. This alternate healing system believes in addressing a problem by getting to the root cause of any medical problem and not just treating its symptoms.

Understanding the basis of hair fall
Before starting the treatment for hair fall, it is important to know that what is causing it. Ayurveda believes that hair fall might be caused not just by medical conditions or physical health of a person, but by his mental or emotional conditions too. The body structure and diet are some other critical factors to be considered here. Ayurveda associates hair fall problem majorly to the increased Pitta dosha in one’s body. Naturally, it aims to bring down the level of Pitta so that hair fall can be controlled. The treatment generally includes control over diet, Yoga, and application of Ayurvedic medicines and oils.

Diet control
To reduce the amount of accumulated Pitta in the body, Ayurveda targets to either completely stop or control the intake of those foods, which cause Pitta dosha. The list includes tea, coffee, non-vegetarian food, alcohol, tobacco, smoking, fried, spicy, and acidic foods, and more.

Yoga and meditation
Yoga brings down the stress levels of body and mind, and naturally helps in curtailing hair loss. There are some asanas or positions, which specifically aim towards increasing the blood flow towards head in order to improve general hair health.

Ayurvedic medicines and oils
When taken as advised, Ayurvedic medicines bring long-lasting and safe results in controlling the hair fall. Ayurveda based oils comprise the herbs such as Bhringaraaja, Amla, Ritha, etc., which are known to be highly effective in improving the quality of hair.

Trust IHT9 for getting 100% authentic and high-quality Ayurvedic hair oils and shampoos at the best available prices.

Four Valuable Tips to Prevent and Control Dandruff

We all hate dandruff and want to get rid of it as soon as we realize that our scalp and hair have got infested by it. However, prevention is always better than the cure. Here, we will see how you can prevent dandruff from occurring at the first stage. We will also share with you the tips, with which you can control the problem related to dandruff.

1. Addressing the skin problems
Dandruff is nothing but the dead skin from your scalp, which gets shed over the shoulders or back from the head. People with irritated, oily skin as well as those with dry, scaly skin both are prone to dandruff. Treating these types of skin to keep a check on the greasiness or dryness, as the case may be, is one very important step to prevent dandruff from originating.

2. Wash your hair regularly
Regular washing and shampooing of hair keeps the scalp free from oil build up and dead skin cells. This not only keeps scalp free of dandruff, but also keeps your hair clean and healthy.

3. Use of hair-and-skin-specific shampoos
Use hair shampoos in accordance with the type of skin or hair you have. For instance, if you have dry skin or hair, then the shampoo you choose should be able to keep your scalp and hair properly moisturized, in order to keep dandruff under check.

4. Brush your hair more often
Combing or brushing the hair frequently keeps them clean and also aids shedding of the dry skin or dandruff regularly. This prevents dandruff from getting accumulated in the scalp and in turn reduces the risk of hair fall, irritation, and eye infection that may be caused by falling dry skin particles.

At IHT9, you can get access to a wide range of completely safe and natural hair care products and shampoos for perfect hair and scalp care.

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Top 3 Benefits of Oiling the Hair

In our fast-paced life, we often forget to take proper care of our hair. The result is ill managed, weak and dull hair. Simply using the shampoos, conditioners, hair creams, etc. is not enough, if you want to keep your locks naturally healthy and shiny. For centuries, oiling has been a very effective means of keeping the hair as well as scalp properly nourished. Let us see what makes oiling so important:

1. Hair fall control
Oiling, when done in a systematic manner, provides nourishment to the core of your hair and scalp. It supplies the strands with their daily dose in forms of vitamins, minerals, and other essential oils. By maintaining their nutrition level, oiling improves the general health of the hair and thus helps in controlling the hair fall. For best results, a gentle oil massage in the hair should be done at least twice a week.

2. Controlling dandruff
Dandruff is nothing but the dead skin particles breaking off from the dry scalp. It not only makes you look bad, but also leads to scalp irritation, hair fall, and eye & skin infections in some cases. Dandruff blocks the oil secreting glands present at the epidermal cells of scalp, so the scalp is unable to fight dandruff on its own. Regular oiling restores the oil producing capacity of these glands and helps in controlling as well as preventing the occurrence of dandruff.

3. Avoidance of premature greying
Constant exposure to UV rays, use of harmful hair colors and other products on hair, and lack of proper diet are some of the common causes that are associated with premature greying of hair. Use of oil regularly in the hair, forms a protective layer over them. This layer prevents the hair from losing their natural color and shine untimely.

IHT9 specializes in a vast variety of 100% organic essential hair oils. These hair oils come made in a scientifically advanced environment under expert supervision.

4 Amazing Advantages of Coconut Oil for Hair

Coconut oil is used worldwide for hair care, skin treatments, and cooking too. There are some distinct qualities of this oil, which make it indispensable for use in almost every hair care product, be it oil, shampoo, conditioner, or some other product. Let us check out what makes the coconut oil so beneficial for your hair:

1. Coconut Oil Promotes Faster Hair Growth
Coconut oil is naturally rich in those vitamins and essential fatty acids, which are necessary for optimum nourishment of the scalp. This oil also helps in removing the sebum build-up from hair follicles. Regular use of coconut oil is a sure shot way towards quicker and healthier hair growth.

2. Protection Against Sun Damage
Coconut oil is a blessing for all those people, whose hair are subject to constant exposure to harsh elements, including sun, sand, dust, etc. This all-natural sunscreen forms a long lasting protective sheath over your hair to protect them against the threat posed by harmful UV rays.

3. Deep Conditioning
Impressive hair conditioning benefits of the coconut oil owe their existence to presence of smaller medium-chain fatty acids in it. Unlike other artificially manufactured conditioners, this oil penetrates in to the strands more quickly and deeply, and conditions them till the roots. And, there are no side effects associated with this natural conditioner. Coconut oil also helps you to manage the hair easily. Since this hair oil does not leave any sticky residue behind, so you need not waste those precious minutes in the morning for detangling your long or curly hair.

4. Provides the Ideal Base for Hair Coloring
Coconut oil not only reaches the roots of your hair quickly, but it also stays put on the hair for longer as compared to other hair oils. Thus, coconut oil offers a strong foundation for hair coloring. It makes the color to shine more on your hair and also minimizes the adverse effects of hair color.

IHT9 is a reliable source for buying completely pure coconut oil. It also deals in a big variety of reasonably priced essential hair oils and hair care products.

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Prevent Your Hair from Damage with the Magical Touch of Ayurveda

Do you know that you can suffer from hair loss at any age? Even if you are young now, various reasons may result in serious hair fall. Opting for medicine at a young age may be an alarming situation for your health. Hence, it’s better to choose the methods of Ayurvedic Hair Therapies.

At first, have a look at some common causes of the hair fall that starts at an early age:
  1.  Stress- In today’s fast-paced world, we are so busy in molding our careers that sometimes, it causes us a great stress. We are always insecure about our future that also gives us many sleepless nights. Taking too much stress may result in the rapid hair loss at an early age.
  2.  Lack of Proper Nutrition- Lifestyle mismanagement is another serious issue, which today’s generation is facing. Early morning shifts and late night work at office compel us to eat anything, whether it’s healthy or unhealthy! Dependency on fast foods has also crossed its limit.  Hence, the body lacks proper nutrition and invites many serious ailments; hair fall may be one of them.
  3.  Rough & Dirty Scalp- If you don’t clean your hair regularly then it may cause you oily scalp with serious hair fall as it blocks and weakens the hair pores. Sometimes, more sweating also becomes a reason for an unclean scalp. All these are enough to give you a serious hair fall.
  4. Hereditary Reasons- Sometimes, it’s not your fault. You start to lose your hair at an early age, because one of your parents or any member of your family has the same issue to reckon with. It is all the gene game.
Prevention from Hair Fall through Ayurvedic Methods:

  1. Try Indian gooseberry and lemon juice- Add 3 tablespoon lemon juice to the juice of Indian gooseberry. Mix well and apply it on your scalp for 30 minutes. Wash it off with normal water. You can prevent your hair from falling if you implement this Ayurvedic remedy.
  2. Use Margosa (Neem) Leaves- Boil crushed Margosa leaves in 4-5 cups of water. Filter the liquid, when it cools down. Rinse your hair with this liquid and feel the difference in your hair fall.
  3.  The Remedy of Banyan Tree- Groove the small portion of the root of banyan tree. Now, add some lemon juice to the grinded route. Apply this paste over your scalp to prevent your hair from falling.
  4.  Seek the Benefit of Aloe Vera- Take 1/3 cup of aloe vera juice and mix it well with a pinch of cumin. Apply the paste on your scalp twice in a day to stop hair fall.
The Ayurvedic hair fall remedies always show miraculously effect to strengthen hair follicles. These remedies are discovered by our ancestors to ease out our day to day hair care problems. More researches are being carried out in the field of Ayurveda by the experts to make people aware of the easiest and one of the most economical ways to fight these problems.

Always consider taking help from ayurvedic and herbal methods as these are available in your budget and are one of the most reliable methods to protect your hair from falling. IHT9 is one such Ayurvedic brand that amazingly strengthens your hair from falling with a blend of 9 essential herbs.