Wednesday, October 26, 2016

4 Amazing Advantages of Coconut Oil for Hair

Coconut oil is used worldwide for hair care, skin treatments, and cooking too. There are some distinct qualities of this oil, which make it indispensable for use in almost every hair care product, be it oil, shampoo, conditioner, or some other product. Let us check out what makes the coconut oil so beneficial for your hair:

1. Coconut Oil Promotes Faster Hair Growth
Coconut oil is naturally rich in those vitamins and essential fatty acids, which are necessary for optimum nourishment of the scalp. This oil also helps in removing the sebum build-up from hair follicles. Regular use of coconut oil is a sure shot way towards quicker and healthier hair growth.

2. Protection Against Sun Damage
Coconut oil is a blessing for all those people, whose hair are subject to constant exposure to harsh elements, including sun, sand, dust, etc. This all-natural sunscreen forms a long lasting protective sheath over your hair to protect them against the threat posed by harmful UV rays.

3. Deep Conditioning
Impressive hair conditioning benefits of the coconut oil owe their existence to presence of smaller medium-chain fatty acids in it. Unlike other artificially manufactured conditioners, this oil penetrates in to the strands more quickly and deeply, and conditions them till the roots. And, there are no side effects associated with this natural conditioner. Coconut oil also helps you to manage the hair easily. Since this hair oil does not leave any sticky residue behind, so you need not waste those precious minutes in the morning for detangling your long or curly hair.

4. Provides the Ideal Base for Hair Coloring
Coconut oil not only reaches the roots of your hair quickly, but it also stays put on the hair for longer as compared to other hair oils. Thus, coconut oil offers a strong foundation for hair coloring. It makes the color to shine more on your hair and also minimizes the adverse effects of hair color.

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