Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Chemical Alert! Avoid the Hair Dyes Containing These Toxic Chemicals

You see your favorite star walking the ramp in red hair and you immediately decide to color your hair red. The very next month, you see the same star with blue hair color and again you want to change your hair color. But are you aware of the harmful chemicals present in most of the dyes, which can damage your hair? Let us read through
  • PPD: Commonly known as para-phenylenediamine, PPD is used as a dye for dark color shades and is made of tar, which is a chemical derived from petroleum and features phenols, naphthalene, benzene and aniline along with many other chemicals. When combined with Hydrogene Peroxide, PPD can prove to be very toxic and can lead to cancer.
  • Ammonia: Ammonia is used to open up the outer layer of your hair so that the dye can go inside the hair. Ammonia may produce acidic burns and may also cause irritation in lungs.

  •    Parabens: Methylparabens and Propylparabens are the most commonly used parabens preservatives. These preservatives are extensively used in many hair care products and can cause many allergies and skin irritation.
  •   Hydrogene Peroxide: Hydrogene Peroxide is generally used to strip the natural hair color away before applying the hair dye. It has been observed that this chemical changes the natural hair structure and your hair even loses its original shine.
  •   Lead Acetate: Lead Acetate is widely used as a color additive when it comes to dying dark shades. But you are unaware of the fact that it causes anemia and produces neurological problems.
  •   Resorcinol: It is a toxic dye, which can cause scalp irritation. This allergen also affects the endocrine system.
Hair coloring is in trend and if you cannot avoid it completely then ensure that you do not buy the products with these toxic chemicals. From dyes, highlights or single and double process color, there are so many options available to color your hair the way you want. The best way to avoid these harmful chemicals is to buy 100% natural hair dyes that contain products like Reetha (Soapnut), Amla (Indian gooseberry), and Shikakai (Acacia concinna). Not only will these products keep your hair looking naturally good and shiny, but also would not affect your health adversely, even if you dye your hair regularly. Don’t worry in case you have already got your hair or scalp damaged because of these harmful chemicals. You can restore the health of your hair by using products like Strong & Nourished Hair oil and Safe Ayurvedic Hair Loss Therapy shampoo.

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