Monday, January 30, 2017

Save your strands – Hair Products you should Never Use

You hate bad hair days, right? But have you ever wondered why do you face them? The reason could be humidity, bad styling habits or regular use of harsh products, which may be making your hair weak. From hair sprays to serums to shampoos & conditioners, which are readily available in the market today, there are a number of hair care products that might be the root cause for all your hair related problems. Here is a list of products that you should never use for washing or styling your hair:

1. Alcohol-based products

Mainly used in hair gels, hair creams and styling sprays, alcohol can really dry your strands and can make them look very rough. These products spoil the original look and texture of your hair. If you are already cursing these products for making your hair dry then it is time to start using Strong & Nourished Hair oil to get the natural look of your hair back. 

2. Cheap Shampoos 

You should be very careful while buying a shampoo as some cheap shampoos may strip your hair color and even remove hair’s natural oils because of presence of sulfates and lathering ingredients in high quantity in them. Don’t go for a shampoo just because it is priced very low; rather choose a shampoo, which consists of high moisturizing components. For a reasonably priced, high-quality natural shampoo, you can consider using Safe Ayurvedic Hair Loss Therapy shampoo.

3. Protein Based Conditioners 

There is nothing wrong with using a conditioner unless it is completely made up of protein only. Always prefer a mixture of moisture and protein when it comes to choosing a conditioner, as excessive protein will make the hair lose its natural elasticity and will also lead to hair fall. You may also get straw-like strands, which will spoil the look of your hair.

4. Plastic Brushes or Combs 

Never use plastic brushes or combs on your hair as they have the tendency to break your hair. Instead use Neem Wood Comb which offers a healthier way to control hair loss. 

These are some key ingredients commonly found in hair styling products and accessories, which are extremely harsh on our locks and can cause damage to them. If you want naturally long and shiny hair, then go organic and stay away from these toxic chemicals and products.

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