Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Have Natural Waves? Most Fascinating Hairstyles for Thick Wavy Hair

Do you always find yourself short on styling ideas for your frizzy and thick wavy hair? Then you do not know that there is a whole treasure trove of hairstyles, which compliments the frizzy and waxy hair texture. Wavy hair add playfulness to your look and if you are blessed with thick hair, you can experiment a lot with your waves. Here is the list of hairstyles, which you can choose to add style to your thick wavy hair:

1.     Side Ponytail: Think of a situation when your best friend is throwing an impromptu party and you have only 15 minutes to get ready? This hairstyle can be your savior as a simple pony tail will look too classy with your evening attire. 

1.     Twist and pin half up hairstyle: Do you know that if you have wavy hair then your hairstyle should consist of two main features - layers to minimize the excessive thickness and right length. Pin your hair upward from one side and add layers to rest of your hair. You can use Neem Wood Comb, which offers a healthier way to comb your hair. 

1.     Pouf Ponytail: The pouf, which you will make at the front will not only add a stylish detail to your hairdo but will also take down the entire frizz that you have at the top of your head.

1.     Textured bob cut: You are completely wrong, if you think your wavy hair cannot handle shorter cuts. Maybe you haven’t come across bob cut, which can really complement your hair texture. If you want to do something really drastic to your wavy hair then go for the bob cut. Moisturize your hair with the Natural Goodness conditioner to maintain the waves of your hair.

1.     Dutch Braided Bun: Do you want to look like a duchess on your next date? This hairstyle is all you need. Merge two French braids into the small low bun and see the bun and the braids forming the perfect symmetrical composition together.

Wavy hair is not a curse anymore and the choice of right hairstyle will help you to look charming in every party, get together or event you attend. Master these hairstyles and you will never have to think twice before attending any formal or casual event.

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