Monday, January 30, 2017

Toxic Chemicals Found in Beauty Products

The maddening craze for looking good drives us to use all those chemical-based products that promise to step up our beauty. When thinking of beautifying ourselves we usually start with our hair and skin. There are uncountable products that promise us the strength we need for our hair or a flawless glow that we want on our face. Yet it is critical to use such products while applying a lot of discretion. Following are some toxic chemicals present in salon products and their harmful effects that your hair and skin are exposed to.

Dangerous Chemicals in Hair Products

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

This is a type of chemical that you can find in the garage floor cleaners that are used for industrial purposes. Unfortunately, it is also the most commonly used ingredient in the shampoos. As it is used for degreasing the engines, it can also leave your hair dry and rough.


This alcohol can be found in various hair gels and hairsprays to keep your hairstyle intact. But Isopropyl alcohol can diminish the moisture of your hair as it is also present in wood polish and antifreeze to make the oil evaporate.

·      Synthetic Colors

The usage of synthetic colors in the hair-care products is inevitable just like alcohol. They are just present for visual reasons but can cause irritation on your scalp. Many brands use these chemicals in their hair-care products but their popularity or sensual appeal makes us ignorant. Whereas, there are some hair-care brands that are herbal and give a natural beauty and strength to your hair.

Harmful Chemicals in Skin-Care Products

·      Phthalates

These chemicals are mainly used to maximize and soften the plastics. Majorly, dibutyl phthalate is one of them that is found in products like perfumes and lotions. They can cause disruptions in endocrine and expose you to breast cancer.

·      Fragrance

Some companies infuse fragrance in their cosmetics, which can even contain some harmful chemicals. This infusion can cause skin allergies and can affect the reproductive system. You can find this element in colognes, body-wash gels, moisturizers, etc.

·      Sunscreen Chemicals

Present to act as a sunscreen agent, these chemicals become a sheath against the UV rays. But chemicals like these can disrupt the endocrine system, leading to cause cancer in the body.

You can still trust some companies that bestow you with herbal skin-care products that will never put you at any risk.

The above discussion makes you aware of those harmful chemicals hair and skin products that can lead you to the risks of cancer. The discussion also serves the purpose of giving you the information on those beauty products that will give you healthy skin and hair, without any side effects!

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