Tuesday, January 31, 2017

From Plain to Peppy: Best hairstyles for Long Hair

Finally, after so much of patience you have grown your strands really long. Now what? Are you going to keep them open and simple every time? Nah! Long hair offers numerous styling options and you can see your transformation from being simple to being glamorous by adding these simple hairdos to your day and night routine.

1. The Hunny Bun

     Also known as the sock bun, the hunny bun is a perfectly shaped bun, which will turn all the heads towards you. Use a sock to give the perfect shape to your bun and then spray it using a hairspray to keep it in place and tight. You can use Strong & Nourished Hair oil before washing your hair to remove the hair spray effect.

     2. Sleek Vixen Hair

Twist your hair, make a ponytail and wrap around - these three steps are the basis of this gorgeous and elegant hair style. This hair style is time consuming but the outcome is worth the wait. This hairdo looks best with your evening dress.

1    3.  Half up Half Down Wedding Hairstyle

Flowy hair look beautiful and offer a great look for wedding. They look gorgeous with both formal and casual dresses. This hairstyle suits wavy, straight and frizzy long hair.

      4. The Knot Pony
    Give a modern twist to the classic ponytail style with the knot pony. The trick to get this hairstyle right is to use enough mousse so that your hair becomes easily workable. Use Neem Wood Comb to detangle tour strands before you start with the hairstyle. 

1    5. Twisted bun 
     This bun is very easy and fun. The twisted bun is perfect for those days when you don’t want to cover your neck and shoulders with the long length of your hair. Make sure that you pop it up really high on your head to get the perfect look.

You can do a lot to your long hair irrespective of the fact which occasion you are going to attend or what dress are you wearing. Now, you have a lot of new ideas about how to make cute hairstyles in less time, so take your bobby pins, hair spray and all the other styling products and be creative with your hair.


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