Monday, February 6, 2017

4 Most Common Mistakes that Ruin Your Hair

For a woman, her hair is as much pivotal as her whole body. Her hair locks are the markers of her identity and reflect her truest-self. Since time immemorial tresses of women are symbolic of her feminine character – differentiating her from the men. Although, hair play such a major role in our lives, still at times we tend take them for granted. Here is a list of some common mistakes that we perform on our hair, without realizing what they can do to our mane.

    You are Heating Your Hair Way Too Much
In order to straighten, curl, or blow-dry your hair more effectively and quickly, you tend to think that the maximum heat setting is a necessity. This is exactly how you should not think. Go for the medium heating setting, as it would never cause any damage. Also, using such equipment while your hair is wet will lead to an alarming hair loss.

      Washing Your Hair Almost Daily
You might get annoyed by seeing that oily texture constantly coming back to your tresses. This oily texture is the sebum that is secreted by the sebaceous glands and acts as a natural sheath. Over-washing your hair takes this natural moisture of your scalp away and hinders the natural process.

You are Tying Your Hair Too Tightly
Your hair follicles are subjected to damage if you tie your hair tightly. This leads to the uprooting of your hair strands, leading to a never-ending breakage. Therefore, never go for a too much complicated hairstyle at the cost of your beautiful locks. To protect your hair-roots from damaging, you should try natural hair-products that make your hair-locks shinier and healthier.

     You Apply Various Hair Products
Getting excited by the apparent result after applying a hair product can make you ignore the necessary instructions. Also, changing the brands of your shampoos or conditioners frequently would never give you the desired effect. There are a lot of hair products that involve harmful chemicals. Prefer using a range of herbal products for obtaining best results.

The purpose of above discussion is to make you aware about the usual hair-grooming practices you follow without realizing their harmful consequences. The discourse also puts forth the ways in which you can avoid these along with the ways to repair these damages. 

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