Saturday, February 4, 2017

How to deal with a Bad Haircut

Dealing with a bad haircut is a problem, which even celebrities are confronted with from time to time. When a bad haircut happens, it totally sucks. Although you cannot do much about it, but you can certainly find some ways to hide the shortcomings in your haircut wisely, until the hair grows back. Good news is that dealing with a bad haircut is easier than ever thought. Check out our list of advices to follow:

Stop thinking about fixing the hair problem at home
Once you have had a bad haircut, don’t further think about fixing the issue all by yourself. Sometimes trembling hands and a frustrated mind can make your hairstyle go from bad to worst in a matter of seconds.

What you can do is – visit a professional stylist. Avoid trying out any DIY haircut tutorial, as it might land you in more trouble.

Curls and curls
Wondering how to conceal a pathetic haircut? Invest in a curling iron, and give a few curls to your hair. Curls work wonders on layered haircuts and confer more volume. The best thing you can do is – curl your hair, finger-style it and add pins to finish the look. 

Volumize. What could be better?
How can you make those short bangs look much lovelier? This can be done by styling them using a round brush and a hair dryer. This will help you wear your hair down sans giving you that ugly Betty look. Pin up the bangs to look more fluffed up. If volumized properly, your haircut might look better. Go, give it a try.

Different hair styles
Had a bad haircut? Why not try new styling products? When you have got a horrible haircut, it is the perfect time to try those styling products, which you have never tried before. Get a DIY blowout for yourself. Go for faux hawk, beachy waves or flicks. Whatever suits you!

Along with the tricks mentioned afore, you can also start using ayurvedic and natural herbal formulations. You can also try ayurvedic hair oils that can speed up the process of hair growth. Also, go for DIY apple cider vinegar as it can hasten up hair growth.


Getting a bad haircut right or making it better is a tricky thing to do. There are so many questions that pop up in our mind once our haircut goes wrong. When it’s really a bad haircut, you might want to try the few tips given in the blog.

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