Thursday, February 2, 2017

Curls Run the World – Tips to Manage Curly Locks

Those who are blessed with naturally curly or wavy hair understand the fact that curly hair are tough to manage. Love it or hate it but curly hair are unpredictable and inconsistent and demand constant pampering. We understand your struggle with curly hair. To help you out, here we are sharing a guide so that you can manage your curly hair easily and make other girls envy of your bouncy curls.

     1. Say good bye to your hair brush: Curls grow in groups, as in each strand is linked to the other, and if you try to separate them by using a brush, your hair will not only break but will also become dry. Use a wide-toothed comb like Neem Wood Comb to detangle knots before heading for shower. Crush your hair using hands after the shower so that your curls get set.

      2.  Condition regularly: Curly hair are very frizzy and dry, and not conditioning them regularly can make your hair drier. Even if you do not shampoo your hair that often, you can still condition them regularly. To make your curly hair manageable and soft, condition your hair in shower and let it air-dry. Deep conditioning your hair once in a week will make your hair smoother. Use the Natural Goodness conditioner, which is made from extracts of various herbs that soothe the hair scalp.

     3.  Say no to blow dryer: Blow dryer is your worst enemy if you have curly hair. It will make your already dry hair more dry with its heat, so let your hair dry naturally. In case you don’t have enough time to air-dry your hair then use blow- dryer with a diffuser. Also, avoid towel- drying.

  4. Make plopping your next signature move: Plopping may not be a good option for those who have voluminous hair but it is a perfect option for women with curly hair. Plopping is a healthy exercise for your hair as it does not involve use of any heat and allows hair to dry naturally.

     5. Hot-oil treatments: Apart from conditioning, oil therapy is also required for your scalp and shaft. This is because curly hair grow in a slanted direction and due to this the oil is not able to reach the shaft from the sebaceous glands. Heat camphor and coconut oil in a container and apply the mixture to your hair only when it cools down and becomes lukewarm. Wrap your hair in a steamed towel for 20 minutes.

Take proper care of your curls, embrace them and have fun while styling them. You are few amongst those who are blessed with natural curls, so value them and invest proper time in taking care of them.

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