Saturday, February 4, 2017

Changes Your Hair Undergo After 40

As a woman reaches the age of 40, she finds herself undergoing a lot of hormonal and physical changes. Some of these changes are at times shocking and get noticed lately. This is true for hair. Knowing these changes in advance can ease the stress of encountering such ‘changes’.

In this blog, we will be discussing two most common age-related hair issues and the possible solutions for each one of them.

Loss of texture
Usually a woman’s hair start becoming more dry and brittle after a certain age. This happens because the production of sebum in the body, a lubricant naturally present in the skin and hair pores, is slowed down. As a result, the hair loses elasticity. As we age, the sebum production rate is estimated to decrease by 10%.

Dealing with the problem of hair texture is easy. For beginners, the best thing is to start eating healthy. Go for a diet rich in calcium, omega 3 fatty acids, anti-oxidants and Vitamins E, C and A. Also, make sure you drink at least 2 Litres of water a day.

Loss of hair density
One of the most frightening changes in women is the thinning of hair. For most women undergoing hair loss is more traumatic than going grey. As women get older, they experience some kind of hair loss. Sometimes the loss might be minor, and not that visible. But in worst cases, the scalp could be easily seen through the hair, especially around the perimeter. In case you think that there is something abnormal about the hair loss, then you should without doubt book an appointment with a doctor. He or she might be able to determine whether the problem has been arising out of thyroid conditions. Sometimes, doctors might recommend a hormone replacement therapy. You can also try out Ayurvedic, herbal treatments, which are better and safe.

Each time you subject your hair to chemical conditioners and shampoos, there is 100% chance for your hair to lose its natural integrity. Chemicals can make your hair strands brittle, dry and rough. The lesser you use chemical-rich shampoos and conditioners, the better it is for your hair. Once the damage is done, the only solution is to remove the damaged hair, so that healthy hair grows out. So, better go for natural options.


It is no new thing that with the progress of age, there can be obvious changes in the texture of a person’s hair. In this blog, the writer has tried to introduce the reader to few age-related hair issues, and their solutions. 

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