Monday, February 20, 2017

Sun for hair – Is it healthy?

Activating stem cells in hair follicles and regulating skin biology, vitamin D is believed to trigger the regrowth process of damaged skin cells, including those in the scalp, and allowing for regeneration of cells that are vital to hair growth. Well it’s not just your skin that needs the sun for health. Rather your hair too can actually benefit from the sunlight, as it reduces the risk of developing excessive hair fall, promotes hair growth and keeps them healthy. Following are some benefits of sunbathing for your hair:

Reduces the risk of developing excessive hair fall

Being beneficial for those who have been suffering from hair related issues, the sunlight according to medical sciences has been proved out to be an effective remedy for hair loss. The epithelial cells are considered essential for hair growth and when exposed to sun they help your hair grow more. But make sure that these cells do not get over exposed to sun for a long time as due to this they can even deplete the levels of vitamin E and C. Though the sun rays play a major role in helping your hair to grow but one must make sure to get only the required amount of exposure and not make it too much. So go easy giving your hair a dose of the sun’s rays.

Aids in hair growth

During warm weather months, the blood flow is much more efficient and reaches the other areas of the body including the scalp more effectively. Allowing your body to produce vitamin D, sunlight not only helps in stimulating the growth of your hair but also prevents your hair from falling. So, the increased nutrients supplied to the scalp further results in slightly faster hair growth.

Helps in fighting stress

Found in hair follicles of healthy hair, Vitamin D is known for reducing stress while keeping you feel good. This in turn helps keep more hair on your head, especially if your hair loss is exacerbated by excessive levels of stress. Vitamin D not only helps in making your hair look exceptionally good but also helps in stimulating the hair growth– keeping them healthy.

Excessive summer heat can take a toll on your hair too along with your overall health. Therefore, making use of these hair oils can further provide intense nourishment to every hair follicle – stimulating hair growth and combating hair fall. Besides receiving the right amount of vitamin D, there are many more hair-care products that can be chosen as a perfect remedy in order to decrease the amount of falling hair by making them healthy.

Regular consumption of Vitamin D will not only help you to activate the dormant follicles to grow into new strands, which are healthy but will also help in regulating the hair cycle. Studies have shown that if you lack this vitamin, it can cause brittle hair, thinner and unhealthy hair growth.

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