Thursday, February 2, 2017

Short to Long Hair Instantly: Tips for Wearing Hair Extensions

Do you regret chopping your hair really short or you want something extra on your head as it is a special day for you? Hair extensions are the easiest and the best way to add length and volume to your short hair. Here are some of the hair extension tricks to make your hair look longer without making any effort for growing them.
1.     The Phony Pony: There are days when you want a long pony to swing with your face. Try a clip-in ponytail to get a long ponytail look and hide the hair extensions smartly by wrapping your own hair around the base of your pony.

2.   Unnatural colors: Instead of bleaching your hair after every few days because you easily get bored with your present look, go with the colorful and long clip-in extensions to get the perfect shade of blue, pink, purple or any other color.

3.   Go Upside Down: Your hair can look longer if you only add volume to them and not particularly the length. Use your extensions upside down to make sure that your hair is going in the right direction if you want to make a heavy hairdo with them.

4.      Get your hair damp: Make sure that you get your hair damp before you put your extensions into rollers in case you want to curl your extensions. Damping your hair will help the extensions mix more naturally into the curls of your natural hair.  You can wash your hair with the perfect combo of Seal the Natural Goodness conditioner and Safe Ayurvedic Hair Loss Therapy shampoo to moisturize your hair.

Tip: If you have weak or damaged hair then do not use extensions until you improve the condition of your natural hair. Do not keep your extensions in for more than three months if your hair growth is fast or you have very thick hair as this will lead to tangling and breakage.
Hair extensions transform your look completely and add fun and fashion to your look. They are a great way to look different if you have a special occasion coming up or if you are bored of your everyday look.

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