Thursday, February 2, 2017

Nature has a Lot to Offer to Your Hair - Bring Naturopathy to Haircare

Owning Rapunzel-like strands is a difficult task but not an impossible one. Yes! You heard it right. Expensive hair care products like shampoos, conditioners and serums might not give you healthy and long hair but natural products surely can. Since centuries, people around the world have searched and tested many natural remedies for hair growth, which you might have also heard about from your grandmother. Why not implement these natural ways to get long strands and make other envy of you.
   1. Onion Juice: Onion juice is very effective as it consists of Sulphur, which boosts collagen production in the tissues and promotes hair growth. Just cut the onion into few slices and squeeze out its juice, apply it on your scalp and rinse it off using Safe Ayurvedic Hair Loss Therapy shampoo after 15 minutes.

     2. Egg mask: Egg mask is one of the most efficient natural remedies for dull hair. The egg whites consist of healing properties, which help in restoring the softness of hair. Egg mask also helps in thickening of your hair as it contains high level of zinc, Sulphur, iron and iodine. Separate the yolk from the egg and apply egg white to your hair, leave it for 15 minutes and then wash it with shampoo. You will see instant shine on your hair.

     3. Coconut Milk: Coconut oil is rich in potassium, iron and essential fats and is very effective for hair growth. Take coconut milk, add half a squeeze of lemon and 4 drops of essential lavender oil. Mix thoroughly, apply it on your scalp and rinse it off after 4-5 hours.

     4. Green Tea: Do not throw away the used tea bags as green tea is very rich in antioxidants and helps in promoting hair growth. Apply warm green tea from the used tea bags over your scalp and then wash your hair after an hour with cold water.

Apart from using the above remedies for hair growth, you must also take good care of your hair regularly. You should massage your hair using Strong & Nourished Hair oil at least once a week, wash your hair maximum twice or thrice a week and keep your hair away from heating tools. 

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