Thursday, February 2, 2017

Hair Care Basics: Simple Natural Hair Regimen

Your mood, your day and your personality depends a lot on how good your hair look. If you want to banish bad hair days from your life and want all your days to be happy by making your hair look good then say goodbye to all the chemical-based hair care products and follow these natural hair care basics.
     1.     Cleaning: Cleaning is the basic step for natural hair care and is also important for hair and scalp hydration. If you want to add extra moisture to your hair then you should try using a sulfate- free cleaner. 
     2.   Conditioning: The next step after cleaning is conditioning. Use a conditioner like the Natural Goodness conditioner, which can offer extra moisturizing. Apply it on your hair and leave it for some time. You can also add oil, honey etc. to your conditioner to get a more natural effect. The basic idea is to be consistent in conditioning your hair.

     3.   Know your hair type: You must have read a lot of instructions to keep your hair naturally healthy, like limit the use of hat on your hair, wash your hair twice or thrice a week, wear protective styles, and a lot more. But before following any of these or other instructions, it is important to know your hair type. You might have multiple hair types and knowing your hair type will help you to know the ways to care for your hair.
     4.   Have a nutritious diet: A healthy diet leads to healthy hair. Vitamins and proteins are very important if you want your hair to be strong and beautiful. If you want natural black hair then add green vegetables and fruits to your diet.    
     5.     Drink a lot of water: Water is not only essential for your body to work properly but is equally essential for your hair too. Drinking a lot of water is the most natural way to keep your scalp hydrated and hair healthy, growing and shining.

Improving your hair health is not a complicated process if you follow the basics properly and regularly. If you feel that you are losing hair then you should use Safe Ayurvedic Hair Loss Therapy shampoo along with taking the above steps and you will notice shiny, long hair soon.

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