Monday, February 6, 2017

8 Struggles Every Girl with Long Hair Faces

You have really long hair. Kudos to you! You are one such girl in the world, whom every other girl envies. But, unfortunately this is just one facet of the story. People with long manes know well that managing them is not as easy as it appears to be. From developing tangles to the fear of getting the smallest trim, people with long hair usually have a tough time looking after their tresses.
Here, we have summed up the top 8 problems that women with long and luscious locks go through.
       1.       Always being mocked at and being asked “is that your real hair?” Of course it is.
     2.      Seeing your hair everywhere – from pillows, floors to sometimes in your food. That’s terrible!
     3.      People always ask you about tips “How did you grow your hair this long? What’s the secret?” And you say, you don’t get haircuts – that’s how!
      4.      When brushing your hair becomes a workout session. You have to part your hair to 10 sections, and brush each section.
      5.      You go to the salon, and the hair dresser cuts off a ‘whole’ inch from your Rapunzel like tresses, and you feel so low! This is despite knowing that only an inch has been cut.
  6.  Letting your hair loose on a windy day. Don’t forget to tie your hair or braid the locks before going out on a windy day. Same goes for riding a motorcycle or even a car. Stay safe, so that the wind may not whip your hair.



   7.  When styling your hair becomes a time consuming process! You might not even reach the office on time.
     8.     Your hair getting stuck everywhere, in your lip gloss, zipper, and even drain. Even in your mouth, yay!

Every woman with long locks has a love-hate relationship with her hair. Sometimes, it becomes a mess and pain to maintain the hair.
There is a cure for all your long hair woes, and that is ‘conditioning’. A proper routine of conditioning can take of all bad hair days. Sufficient hydration in the hair means the hair strands are smoother, stronger and above all, least likely to tangle. Try herbal conditioners. Also, use a neem wood combs to comb your of hair.


Long hair is something that every girl longs for. But most of the time people with long hair struggle a lot with their long locks. The blog has listed out some common woes of women with long hair.

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