Monday, February 6, 2017

Hair Colors can reduce the Density of Your Hair

Hair colors are the most commonly used hair styling products that help us making a style statement. No wonder, the hairstyle speaks for itself when highlighted with these vibrant shades. But everything comes with a price and so does a hair dye. Some hair colors can lead to a tremendous hair breakage and damage, leading to a reduction in density thereof.

Following are the reasons why hair-dyes can lead to a drop in your hair-volume, explaining alongside as to what hair-care products need to be chosen as a remedy.

Exploitation of Hair Shafts While Dyeing
While dyeing your hair permanently, your scalp and tresses go through a continuous stroking. At first, the dyeing materials are rubbed then the extra dye is removed by rinsing your hair with water. Later, a conditioner is applied and rinsed thereafter. This process removes telogen from hair, lessening the hair volume.

Chemical Penetration Causes Hair Damage
Chemicals are used to get the colors on your tresses. The tresses that you see above the skin are dead already and therefore they cannot be damaged when colored. The damaging results come when the chemicals penetrate beneath the scalp and disrupts the hair bulb – a part that plays an important role in hair growth and loss.  

Hydrogen Peroxide Weakens the Hair Shaft
Hydrogen Peroxide functions to make the cuticular scale swell for letting the dye reach the hair shaft, as the swelling creates an opening. In order for the production of artificial color to take place, hair shaft experiences a process of oxidation or reduction. For closing these ports, conditioner is used to reverse this swelling. However, the hair shaft stays permeable and leads to further protein loss.

It is not Hair Loss but Hair Breakage
The hair dyes do not reduce the density by way of hair loss. Rather they damage your hair and cause breakage that further results in a declining hair volume. Hair breakage causes thinning and alteration of your hair.
Therefore, hair breakage being the ultimate result of hair dyeing and cause of deteriorating volume, one needs to fight it. There are some herbal conditioners that do not contain any chemicals and let you have naturally shinier and healthier hair.

The discussion lays down the reasons why one undergoes hair volume reduction by putting light on what your hair goes through as you dye it. It has also been discussed as to what can be done to address this dilemma.

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