Monday, February 20, 2017

How to deal with a bad haircut?

We love to try every latest trend, starting from that glamorous dress that your favorite celebrity wore at the red carpet event, the haircut in which she looked so hot, to the long boots she wore. We humans have a desire to try out everything, which is new and sometimes these stylish looks that are carried nicely by celebrities take a wrong turn on us. Most of us have at least once in our life got a BAD HAIRCUT, because we opted for it impulsively. We dress according to our body shape and size and the same goes while choosing our haircut. But no one can go back and regrow the cut hair at once. However, you can figure out some tricks like these to deal with your bad haircut.

      1.      Wearing some hats never killed anyone
Just in case your haircut went too drastic and you’re too embarrassed to go out and flaunt them then relax a truck won’t probably hit you for that. What about some nice hats? Whether its summer or winter, hats are always in trend. Try wearing floppy and baseball hats during summer and knitted caps during winter.
      2.     Fake bun and hair extensions 
Do you think that all celebrities have so thick and shiny hair? They go for fake hair extensions and so can you. Buy some fake hair extensions according to the length of your hair and color, or you can buy a fake bun and place it on the top of your head and cover it with your real hair.
    3.  Headbands and Bobby pins 
Try wearing some big hairbands to take others attention away from your bad haircut. There are thousands of headbands available in the market, which you can get for yourself. You can also try styling your hair with some bobby pins for a clean look.

A bad haircut is nothing short of a nightmare. This blog talks about the ways in which you can deal with a wrong haircut. However, we suggest that before going for these tricks, you shampoo and condition your hair at least once. The reason being that we may not realize the actual look of our new hairstyle until we wash our hair with shampoo. So you should wash and condition your hair first, and then try to style them the way you want. And, who knows you may start liking your new hair cut!

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