Monday, February 6, 2017

How Extreme Styling Affects the Strength of Your Hair

Everybody hates a monotonous hairdo and craves for something new at some point of time. We curl our hair, straighten it, make it go between the blades, and what not. All this while, we might forget that we are styling our hair at the cost of its strength.
Regularly changing the hairdos can cause a serious damage to our hair, leading to a receding hairline, rough texture, or even traction alopecia (a type of hair loss). The following discussion serves the purpose of imparting awareness about the effects of extreme styling on your tresses and what can be done to rescue them.

Cornrows -  Not Good for Your Hair and Scalp

This African-origin hairstyle has been all-time popular. It is easy on maintenance, as it can stay intact for weeks. However, as stylish as they look, the cornrows lead to traction alopecia wherein your scalp goes through a gradual hair loss. This hair loss occurs owing to the excessive pulling force applied to your hair.  

Dreadlocks – Extremely Dreadful for Your Hair
This type of hairstyle not only makes your hair dull and rough but also leads to side-effects like scalp infections, hair-loss, and even migraines. With the complexity involved in this hairdo, one feels bogged down when it comes to its maintenance. This hairstyle leaves your tresses twisted, matted, and exposed to dandruff. 

Hair Weaves – Wave Them Away
Hair-weaving is done by attaching extensions to your scalp with the help of a glue. Attaching these extensions involves clipping or gluing them on each strand, which is done with a constant pulling or hurting. This type of hairstyling can also lead to traction alopecia and can make bald spots on your scalp.

These are just a few out of many hairstyles that can lead to a tremendous deterioration in the strength of your hair locks. Nevertheless, preventing yourself from styling your hair is no solution, as it is almost a necessity, whether you are a male or a female. So, for maintaining the strength along with a trendy hairstyle, apply chemical-free herbal hair products and carry any hairdo with confidence.

Styling your hair may come with a heavy price as it can harm your hair. To keep up the strength and volume of your hair, rely on those hair-care brands that use herbal techniques and are formulated with nature’s gifts.

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